The League

The Lakeshore Senior Baseball League typically operates 3 Divisions of various competitive level so as to cater to different individual abilities. Since the inaugural season in 2008 the League has encouraged the competitive aspects of the game but in balance with its objective to provide a fun environment with fair play and respect of the game. The League provides an opportunity for those 18 and older to play the game of baseball, often with their friends or teammates from previous and other sports activities. An “under age” player who is at least 17 years of age may play with a parent’s or guardian’s consent and signature on the Registration Form.

Although the League generally follows rules that prevail under Baseball Quebec it has adopted some specific ones designed to meet its objectives in maintaining fairness towards individual players as well as towards teams, and also to keep games moving.

The Lakeshore Senior Baseball League encourages a “team” entry format but it will also help individual players find an existing team where space may be available.

The League typically plays a twenty (20) game regular season, followed by playoffs which include all teams. Unforeseen events, such as Covid-19 in 2020, can shorten a season but the League remains committed to provide its members with as much playing time it can schedule within the constraints that prevail.

The Lakeshore Senior Baseball League is currently (2021) over-seen by the following group of administrators:

Angelo Ciccia, President

Fred Lachance, Vice-President

Nicholas Patel, Chief of Umpires