Around the Parks – Pre-season 2021

The Lakeshore Senior Baseball League held its first ever virtual meeting on Saturday February 27 with 17 teams represented. Several managers who were unable to compete last year with their squad are now eager to rejoin the League and this bodes well for a return to a three division format in 2021. Will the teams that played in 2020 show any significant advantage over those that did not ? Some will say that playing the game of baseball is somewhat like riding a bike. Time will tell.

A few rule changes were discussed and debated, eventually leading to a near unanimous consensus to adopt the changes this season. Among these, the base stealing limit has been raised to a 10 run lead, but it will also come with an automatic out should a base-runner steal with at least a 10 run lead. Regular season games will have a limit of 3 hit batters by a pitcher before he/she is removed, but this rule will be lifted for all divisions in the playoffs. Call-up rules have also been enhanced to not only give teams more options in fielding a team, but also to promote intra-league cooperation.

At this point we are closely monitoring announcements from Quebec as well as municipal authorities to finalize a schedule for the season. Meanwhile we have been at work revamping the web site for a fresh new look in 2021. On another positive note, municipal maintenance crews appear to be planning their work on both fields, which should correct some of the issues we have seen in recent seasons.

Since mid-March ganders of geese (not the ones managed by Chandler) have been seen flying overhead returning from the South, and this certainly adds to the optimism of seeing an early spring.

Which prompted a few die-hard league players to gather in a parking lot to get some early practice.