Around the Parks

According to Environment Canada August 2020 was the second wettest in history, with 178 mm of rain vs 98 on average. This curve ball thrown by mother nature had to be dealt with at LSB to ensure the regular season would be completed on time. On several occasions some dedicated volunteers could be seen pumping water off the fields and prepping the diamond for evening games.

The final two weeks provided some exciting games, many of which had an impact on the final standings and consequently on the playoffs.

The Robinson Division turned into a 4 team race as the Bombers suddenly got hot in the second half while the Cubs put together their best season ever. Both teams finished tied but the Cubs are awarded 3rd place in virtue of the first tie-breaker which is runs against. In the season finale the Cubs and Bombers played a marathon game that ended 17-17.

Meanwhile the Cardinals who entered the League this year with several inexperienced players held on to first place in front of the Dodgers by one game. The Dodgers, despite finishing second, had the best run differential in the division and will be facing the Cubs in the first round. The other semi-final will feature the best defence, the Cards, vs the best offence, the Bombers. The four teams finished the regular season within 1 1/2 games of one another making it the tightest finish in years.

The Clemente Division was not nearly as tight but some interesting races emerged.

While the Geese maintained first place all season long, the Braves made a move early on and eventually took hold of the second spot in the division. This gives the Braves a by as they will await the winner of the Orioles – Padres series. These two teams feature very different styles, as the Orioles rely on pitching depth and defence, while the Padres have an offensive lineup that can explode at any time. House of David finished fourth with some momentum late in the season. The division has come to realize that their outfield can cover more real estate than Remax, with powerful arms worthy of the Clemente name. The Royals will be meeting them in the first round and are hopeful to cause an upset with their young pitchers. The winner of this series will be facing a huge challenge in meeting the Geese in the semis, but anything can happen.