Rising Stars

In the Robinson Division

Over the years our league has seen young talent develop within our ranks and this has often led to their team’s success. Some very talented players began playing in the Robinson Division, many of which are still active and playing in a higher division. This season’s four teams in the Robinson Division have shown this trend to be doing quite well as we take a closer look at some emerging talent.

Anthony Porporino: Dodgers, Pitcher, Infielder

Anthony joined our league in 2019 having played his youth baseball in LaSalle. He was immediately noticed as the ace of the staff, leading the team in innings pitched and strike outs, while maintaining a respectable WHIP of 1.98. Anthony also contributed offensively with blazing speed on the bases. This summer’s numbers are even more impressive for Anthony. He leads all pitchers at LSB in strike outs, and has lowered his WHIP below 1.70. His offensive numbers are also at the top of his group, with a batting average around .500. Anthony plays in the league with his father and two brothers. When he is not playing baseball Anthony is likely to be playing the guitar with his band.

Tristan D’Silva: Jager Bombers, Pitcher, Infielder

Tristan surprisingly never played organized baseball before 2018 when the Jager Bombers joined LSB. His first season’s batting stats were quite respectable finishing with a .370 batting average. As the season evolved he was given a few opportunities to begin pitching, but no one would have guessed that he would become the ace of the staff in 2020. Although Tristan never played organized baseball before joining with the Bombers in 2018 his father Errol was a fine minor league prospect who attended an Expos spring training camp in Florida in the late 70’s. Tristan is the Bombers’ #1 pitcher in 2020 and he is also known as the young man with the rubber arm. On August 23 Tristan pitched in both ends of a double header, and followed that with a complete game win 48 hours later. The slender young man throws a rainbow that many batters cannot adjust well to, and he will sneak in a descent fastball for the kill.

Jesse LoPriore: Cardinals, Pitcher, Inf, OF.

Jesse’s polished baseball style had us inquire about his previous experience, and yet he only played until his bantam years. In 2019 he joined the Dodgers as a spare, and barely qualified for the playoffs. In his limited play he did look comfortable at bat, but not on the mound. 2020 with the Cards is a whole different story, as Jesse shares the pitching load with coach Andrew. Jesse’s strike out to walk ratio is nothing short of impressive, and his WHIP is below 1.50. His eye at the plate is also worth mentioning, with one of the lowest strike out per at bats ratio in the league, and an on base average above .500. Jesse is a big part of the expansion Cardinals’ success this season.

Louis Deschamps: Cubs, Infielder, Pitcher

Louis is LSB’s home grown talent, having played his youth baseball at Lakeshore until his last Midget year. After being out of the game for two full summers Louis joined the Cubs in early August and he immediately made an impact helping them go 4-1 in the weeks following his return. Louis has given the Cubs’s pitching staff some well needed support as a reliever and starter. He has also contributed at bat hitting for average along with an on base above 500. He has all the tools to succeed in the league and help the Cubs become a contender in the division.