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COVID-19 Rules Changes


The 2 metre distancing rule will be imperative on the benches.

When on defence the remaining players (if any) on the bench will maintain the 2 metre distance.

When at bat ONLY 4 players will remain in the dugout or in proximity.

Bases coaches are allowed and can be players.

The other players will exit the field and wait in the stands, respecting the 2 metre distance. If and when needed, a 5th batter will enter the playing field while batters having had their turn will exit.

First base and Third base coaches will stand at least 2 metres away from the bag.

Eating sunflower seeds will not be allowed in the dugouts or on the field.


Players will be strongly encouraged to use their personal bats and helmets. If any of those is shared it will be sanitized thoroughly after/prior to every use.

Catcher equipment will not be shared.

Each team will have to bring enough sanitizing solution for all potential uses during the game.

Baseballs will not be shared by both teams. A set of baseballs will be dedicated to each team on defence so as to prevent handling from one team to another. Baseballs will be disinfected between innings by the team finishing on defence, and then brought back for the next inning. Teams will keep their used baseballs at the end of the game.

Players retrieving foul balls outside of the playing area will have to sanitize their hands prior to each inning, and after every retrieved baseball. 


Catchers will position themselves 1 meter behind the plate.

Home plate umpire will move to behind the pitcher’s mound. 


There will be no handshakes, high fives or any type of contact when the game ends. This will apply to ALL players and umpires. Teams can end with a tip of the cap from the base line on their dugout side.


After the games are completed players will be expected to pack up promptly and leave the park. No gatherings at the park or in the parking lot will be allowed.