(As approved by the Lakeshore Senior Baseball League: coaches / managers / L.S.B.L. operations)


No player will be allowed on the field until he / she has completed and signed a registration form.


Games are seven (7) innings long. There is however a 2:15 min. time-limit. No new inning can start after 2:15 min. from the scheduled start of the game. IE: the game is scheduled to start at 19h30. Therefore no new inning may start after 21h45. Ties are possible during the regular season.


Regular house league rules apply regarding batting order and line-ups. IE: everyone bats: changes are made as often as the coach wants: coaches are encouraged to give each player an equal amount of playing time.


No limits for the pitchers. Once a pitcher is pulled he/she may play at any other position but he/she may not pitch again in that game. Pitchers may pitch as often as they wish as no pitching logs are kept.


Wood or metal bats are allowed. All bats must have -3 oz. spread or less but never more than -3 oz.


All Divisions have a limit of 3 hit by pitches. Once a pitcher hits his/her 3rd batter total, he/she is to be removed from the mound. (He/she can remain in the game at any other position unless the umpire believes the action was intentional. If deemed intentional, the pitcher will be ejected from the game.) This rule is waved for all divisions during the playoffs).


Baseball Quebec house league “gag” rule is in effect for all divisions. No player or coach is permitted to argue a judgement call by an official.


There is a limit of 5 runs per inning. Exception: the 7th inning (or aptly designated last inning) which is the open inning and a team can score more than 5 runs. Runs in excess of 5 (five) will only count if the batter hits a homerun.


Mercy rule of 10 runs is in effect at all times. (regular season & playoffs.) The game ends as soon as there is a difference of 10 runs for a team at any time after the game is official. (4 ½ innings is an official game)


In the case of player ejections, each case is reviewed by the discipline committee, to determine whether player(s) warrant a suspension(s).


Runners must avoid contact on the bases and at the plate. The catcher is not allowed to block the plate if he/she doesn’t have possession of the ball. Sliding is encouraged but not always mandatory in order to avoid contact. If a runner makes contact with a defensive player on a play, he/she is out. If the contact is deemed malicious by the umpire, the player will be ejected from the game.


A minimum of 7 players is required to play an official game. If a team has 7 players present and one player leaves due to injury or ejection, the team will lose by default.


Players are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time. If a team has less than 7 players at game time, they will be given an additional 15 minutes to field a team. In the case of a default loss, the team will be fined $100.00

The fine must be paid to the league treasurer prior to the team’s next game.


If a player arrives after the game has started, he/she may be added to the bottom of the line-up card. Players are permitted to arrive for a game at any time and likewise, leave a game at any time.


All teams are encouraged not to steal bases on wild pitches, passed balls etc. once up by 7 or more runs. (this increases to 10 runs during the playoffs.)


If a catcher is on base with 2 outs (or 2 outs occur while the catcher is on base), he / she is to be replaced on the bases by the last out. (This rule is up to the coach’s discretion during the playoffs only.)


In order for a player to be eligible to play in the playoffs, the player must have played in the designated number of regular season games. (The designated number of games will be determined prior to the start of the season and ratified by the L.S.B.L. operations committee and the team representatives.)


All teams must ensure that their dugout is cleaned up at game’s end. All water bottles, sunflower wrappers etc. must be deposited into the garbage containers provided. This is a city request. If we wish to continue playing baseball, we must heed this rule!


The team at bat is required to return any baseball that leaves the field of play. Refusal to comply will result in strikes and/or outs being added to the team in question.